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Global Stories
Shipbreaking Yard
E-waste backstage
Albino Talisman
Tunisia: A revolution for dignity
Sidi Bouzid
Kassrine - Thala
Radhia Nasraoui
Lina Ben Mhenni
Murad Ben Cheikh
Hamma Hammemi
Sidi Bou Said, Sousse, Kairouan, Mahdia, El-jem, Matmata, Jerba
Cesaria Evora
Maryam Rajavi
Adoption affairs
The different faces of Beijing
Beijing:Dog Market
The new face of Tallinn
Cairo:Life in the Dead City
Cape Verde
The melodious archipelago
Natural Spas
Athens Riots
Evros: Migrants on the frontiers of EU
Orthodox Monasteries: The other side of a scandal
Alchemists of Compassion - "KE.PE.P" Center for Nursing Children
Romà below Acropolis
Mentally ill next door
Mushroom safari in burned Greece
Fournoi : Lonesome in the Aegean Sea
Sithonia, Halkidiki
Rhodes: It is the world on an island
New Zealand
Aotearoa:Land of the White Cloud
MKGL_WO_56 58-years old Om Ilkir Nezi is the mother of the 23-years old martyr Hasin Nezi who jumped from the electricity column on 22, December 2010, demonstrating for the corrupted loans. After the first demonstrations that started in Sidi bou Zid on 17, December 2010, ministers of Ben Ali came and promised loans to the young people. Hasin couldn’t take it… © Maro Kouri
Japan, Kyoto. Gion is the name of the geishas’ district. ‘Maiko‘ are the youngest and more expensive geishas. The geisha hosts the visitor at her place, where she dances and sings, plays a traditional instrument and offers some sushi and a glass of sake. Then, massage or sex could be offered, and this is up to the geisha and the visitor.  © Maro Kouri
Australia , Sydney . In the suburb of Newtown punks coexist with yuppies and eco-minded families with artists and uprising immigrants. The young & extreme lady joins a protest to support the aboriginals of her country. © Maro Kouri
West Ethiopia, Gambela, a village on the border with Sudan . A young woman of the Nuer tribe carries her family‘s washing from the river.   © Maro Kouri
India, Hyderabad . At the bus station, a young mother sings a lullaby to her child. © Maro Kouri
Greece, Athens : Soso lives on the streets for the last twenty years. She left her home and family, her job and riches after her mother‘s death. © Maro Kouri
The Miracle of Eros, the expectancy of motherhood © Maro Kouri
Ishikawa: In the heart of Japan, in Cape Rokugozaki . "Lampuno Yado" is a Japanese inn with hot springs & thermal baths. All around the world, women take care of their beauty, even if their societies -like the Japanese - are dominated by men. Could it be a way of  resisting?  Perhaps… 
 © Maro Kouri
Greek Spas, Edessa. Elderly women bath in the healing sulphur waters.They spend their holidays in the natural pools for two mainly reasons: First, they heal their arthritic pains. Second, the hot-springs and pools function as a coffee-shop, where they can gossip, and they can share their joy and their saddness... © Maro Kouri
Greek Spas, Kavala, Krenides: A young woman takes a mud bath, rejuvenating her skin, her body as well as her psyche.
 © Maro Kouri
Ano Liossia, 12 km from the center of Athens.‘Homateri‘ is the area where all the garbage is thrown to be incinerated. Gypsie family from Albania.  © Maro Kouri
Greece, Dodecanese, Rhodes: Red Light District. In her bed of roses Mariana Souvari spent her life as a prostitute for the last three decades. A year after this photo was taken, Marianna killed her pimp and today she is imprisoned.

 © Maro Kouri
South Africa, Rustlers Easter Festival. Woman dances a local spiritual ‘sangoma’ dance, feelιng totally free & excited. More and more women find refuge in old traditions, such us african or oriental dances, yoga, martial arts, etc... An essential tool for the balance of their difficult and stressed life, instead of the boring gym or the expensive psychiatrist. © Maro Kouri
China, Beijing. 
14. China, Beijing. Old women definitely feel freer than the younger ones that very suddenly got into the west-style, hard working daily life. It is customary for an old woman to be amused with her husband at the park, doing different things: from tai-chi and tennis to swimming, fishing and swinging, whilst younger women work all day far away from their homes with poor wages. Younger women don‘t have the luxury for sports. They are not even allowed a second child... © Maro Kouri
Greece, Athens. Homeless Stiliani lives in Omonia square. She feels sick because "some gypsy put poison in my coffee" as she says. © Maro Kouri
Luxembourg: Slaviana is an East European stripper who dances in the cabaret ‘‘St Petersburg‘‘. Slaviana travels for ten months, dancing in the cabarets of  Luxemburg, Cyprus and Lebanon. Then she returns to her country, to build a house for her children. © Maro Kouri
Egypt, Sinai. Bedouin women wear their hand-made bags. A monk from Sinai  monastery sells their hand-made products and then he buys material & equipment for them, in order to help them continue their tradition.  © Maro Kouri
Egypt, Alexandria. A mother go shopping with her friend and her baby. © Maro Kouri
Japan, Kyoto ‘s famous Gion geishas‘ district. Everything shines around this young Junko as she looks for a taxi. All geishas under the age of twenty are ‘maiko‘ trainees. Once they decide to pursue a geisha career, they must learn traditional instruments, dancing and singing. The ritual they offer is a unique experience for anyone who is willing to go through with it. © Maro Kouri
Greece, Amorgos. Old woman makes bread. The photograph of her child‘s wedding is always on her table. © Maro Kouri
India. Fatima cooks for her family. The picture of the empty room with the metallic and wooden utensils beside the cooking fire, suggests the saying of the Hindu mystics, «the material world is an illusion of life». Fatima, a swaying silhouette in a silk sari, greets us. The dish she is preparing has captured our senses. © Maro Kouri
Malaysia. A woman who likes to play, hiding behind two butterflies, as if she is trying to return to her childhood. © Maro Kouri
Greece, Zakynthos. On Big Friday, Easter, an old woman worships the Epitaph. She kisses the wooden dead body of Christ. © Maro Kouri
Ethiopia, Addis Ababa‘s market, which might be the biggest in Africa. At a restaurant‘s backdoor a mother waits for some scraps to feed her baby. © Maro Kouri
China, Beihai Gongyuan (North Sea Park) At six o‘clock in the morning women practice in tai-chi. Some of them shout loudly, mimicrying animal‘s screams, and others go for walk together with their birds (pet) in their caves. Nothing can ever disturb their quiet.
 © Maro Kouri
Luxembourg: fashion show of Fernando Guzman at the Place D‘Armes, in front of the City Palace. © Maro Kouri
New Zealand, East Coast Ruatoria, the most maori habitted town. Doma Rangitaria Moses is the Maor‘s woman name, written on her ‘moku‘ tattoo. It means Alpha Morning Star Omega (taken from the Bible: revelation 2:28 ‘‘and I will give him the morning star‘‘). She lives with the rasta-fari Hohn Heeney and their three children, Amnesty, Rangitiaria and the smallest Anahera (byblic name for ‘angel‘). © Maro Kouri
Luxembourg. ‘‘Balls‘‘ artwork by Ilona Nemeth, Petrusse Valley. Poland Kasia Malinnowska with her sister Mata make an interail stop-European tour by train, especially cheap for young people. © Maro Kouri
Egypt, Luxor,West bank: Two differently dressed friends outside the temple of Hatshepsut. © Maro Kouri
South Africa, Johannesburg, Soweto. A ‘‘sangoma‘‘ traditional healer. © Maro Kouri
Barcelona Nightlife woman dances at Massive Attack Concert, Zeleste Barna
 © Maro Kouri
South Africa, Capetown. Nanimbian Daafa studies acting in London but right now she is on holidays. Her name means "I‘m happy". © Maro Kouri
South Africa, Soweto - an ex-ghetto of Johannesburg. This woman sings to her son who takes the bus to leave far away with his new family. In another epoque she could be a female Tse Guevara. © Maro Kouri
In the world‘s longest natural sandy beach Cox‘s Bazar in Bangladesh, an Islamic society, neither men nor women –of course– are allowed to wear swimsuits.

 © Maro Kouri
Abu Dhabi: Woman in a shopping mall, tries luxury accessories made by famous couturier. Under the silk, parfumed nigab she wears an expensive suits that she shows it only in house. Women from south Asian countries came to live under horrible situation in the same country, to work hard and sent money to their poor families
 © Maro Kouri
A young girl-mother, member of the Massai tribe, in a Longido village near Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

 © Maro Kouri
Stripper Anna Dallas holds the radiography of her shoulder that changed position while she was dancing on the pole (
 © Maro Kouri
Chittagong, Banglasesh; Contrast between a woman dressed in nigab walking on the street and an advertisement-wallpaper showing a woman dressed in west style, talking also on the mobile phone
 © Maro Kouri
Adivagi, 10km from Dhaka, Bangladesh: She is an ‘adivagi‘ 15 years old mother, who lives with her family into a tent made by plastic bags. Everyday she goes around the villages to perform with a monkey
///‘ντιβάτζι έξω από από την Ντάκα: Δηλαδή αυτή η μικρομάνα 15 ετών ζει με την φαμίλια της μέσα στο αντίσκηνο που φτιάχνει καθημερινά με νάυλον σακούλες που μαζεύει απο τα σκουπίδια. ‘πό το χάραμα γυρίζει από χωριό σε χωριό μαζί με τον πίθηκο της ο οποίος χορεύει για λίγα ντίρχαμ
 © Maro Kouri
SEWN LIPS, Athens, Greece:The 27-year-old Afghan woman, Wahide Rasuli, went on a hunger strike on 20 January 2011, sewing her mouth. She is living with her three young children in a tent outside the University Propylea asking for asylum. There are known cases of mutilation and burning of women in Afghanistan///Η 27-χρονη ‘φγανή Γουαχίντε Ρασούλι ξεκίνησε απεργία πείνας στις 20/1/2011 ράβοντας το στόμα της. Ζει μαζί με τα τρία ανήλικα παιδιά της σε σκηνή στα Προπύλαια ζητώντας άσυλο. Είναι γνωστοί οι ακρωτηριασμοί και εμπρησμοί γυναικών στο ‘φγανιστάν.

 © Maro Kouri
Muslim traditional wedding ceremony in a Dhaka wedding center, Bangladesh
 © Maro Kouri
Two albino girls in Tanzania, 16-year-old Semeni and 12-year-old Sida, survivors of a criminal attack in the village of Segrama, Lake Victoria. In February 2009, five assassins invaded their hut and cut off the limbs of their 14-year-old sister, Unis Luguisha, who died afterwards. Limbs of albinos are sold illegally for 10.000 $ as talismen for good luck and wealth///Στην Τανζανία οι αλπίνοι έχουν μπει σε ένα εγκληματικό χρηματιστήριο. Μάγοι πουλούν σε προληπτικούς πελάτες, άκρα αλμπίνων προς 10,000 δολάρια, πείθοντας τους ότι φέρνουν τύχη και πλούτο. Στο χωριουδάκι Σεγκερέμα της λίμνης Βικτώρια, η Σεμένι και η Σίντα δεν είδαν την αδερφή τους να σφάζεται, ένα βράδυ που 5 κοκουλοφόροι μπήκαν στην καλύβα τους. Κρύφτηκαν κάτω από τα σκεπάσματα

 © Maro Kouri
Although gender equality is mentioned in the founding manifesto of the Chinese Communist Party, few cases of domestic violence against women ever reach the courts. According to the All-China Women‘s Federation, more than 30,000 girls are kidnapped every year to be sold as brides or forced to work in brothels///Πεκίνο: Παρότι η ισότητα των φύλων αναφέρεται στο ιδρυτικό μανιφέστο του κινεζικού κομουνιστικού κόμματος, ελάχιστες περιπτώσεις  ενδο-οικογενειακής βίας φτάνουν στα δικαστήρια της χώρας. Σύμφωνα με στοιχεία της Κινεζικής Ομοσπονδίας Γυναικών (ACWF) κάθε χρόνο περισσότερα από 30.000 κορίτσια απάγονται για να πωληθούν ως νύφες ή για να εργαστούν σε οίκους ανοχής. 

 © Maro Kouri
Maori and Rastafarian woman in Ruatoria, New Zealand. The traditional “moku” tatoo on her chin is a verse from the Bible! Maoris usually tatoo on themselves their family tree (“waka”) – men on their hips and face, women on their lips and chin///Μάορι και ράστα φάρι γυναίκα στη Ρουατόρια της Νέας Ζηλανδίας.
Το παραδοσιακό τατουάζ ‘‘μόκου‘‘ στο πηγούνι της γράφει έναν στίχο από τη Βίβλο! Οι μάορι, συνήθως, περιγράφουν το γενεαλογικό τους δέντρο (γουάκα), στα τατουάζ που κάνουν στους γοφούς και στο πρόσωπο οι άντρες, στα χείλη και στο πηγούνι οι γυναίκες.

 © Maro Kouri
In Cappadocia,Turkey, a girl from Nea Karvali (near Kavala, Greece) dances karsilama in a re-enactment of a Cappadocian wedding inside her grandmother‘s house in Palea Karvali (now called Gelveri). The current Turkish owners of the mansions once owned by Greeks open their doors hospitably///Καππαδοκία: Κοπέλα από την Νέα Καρβάλη της Καβάλας χορεύει καρσιλαμά σε αναπαράσταση καππαδοκικού γάμου μέσα στο σπίτι της γιαγιάς της, στην Παλιά Καρβάλη - το σημερινό Γκιέλβερι. Οι σημερινοί Τούρκοι ιδιοκτήτες των κάποτε ελληνικών αρχοντικών, ανοίγουν φιλόξενα τις πόρτες τους

 © Maro Kouri
Capetown, South Africa: In the muslim suburb Bo-Kaap where in the beggining of the century slaves from Malaisia and Indonesia came to live///Στη μουσουλμανική γειτονιά Μπόου Καπ των κάποτε σκλάβων από την Μαλαισία και την Ινδονησία. Προσπερνώ τα ανακαινισμένα πολύχρωμα σπιτικά και τα τζαμιά του Κέηπτάουν
 © Maro Kouri
Anna, 55 years old, homeless and a drug addict, offers me watermelon in the warm nest she has made herself in the green of Klafthmonos Square in Athens.

 © Maro Kouri
Young mother near Victoria lake, Bukova area
 © Maro Kouri
EDESSA WEDDING: It‘s never too late for a wedding party in Edessa, Greece.
In Pozar natural spa-city, old people who make their holidays and therapy against arthritics for 15 days in the summers. Some nights, they pretend fake marriages to enjoy and to remember their youth!///Στην λουτρόπολη Πόζαρ της Έδεσσας, οι ηλικιωμένοι θαμώνες συνδυάζουν τις διακοπές τους με την θεραπεία των αρθριτικών τους από τα ιαματικά, θειώδη φυdικά μπάνια. Τα βράδυα, θέλουν να διασκεδάζουν και είναι φορές που στην τραπεζαρία της λουτρόπολης στήνουν ολόκληρα γλέντια γάμου!
 © Maro Kouri
KORYDALLOS PRISON, PIREUS, Greece: Under the programme “En Drasi” (“In Action”), women prisoners who stay “clean” participate in a theatre group, which heals their souls///Στο πρόγραμμα ‘‘Εν δράση‘‘, όσες φυλακισμένες παραμένουν ¨καθαρές‘‘ συμμετέχουν στην θεατρική ομάδα που δρα ως θεραπεία στην ψυχή τους

 © Maro Kouri
Tselaladin Rumi devotee, Konya, Cappadocia. 
The other side of Islam:
“Let the beauty we love be what we do. 
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

North European pilgrim prays in Konya, the town where Jalal ad-Din Rumi, the Sufi mystic poet and founder of the Mevlevi Order, died in the 13th century///‘‘‘ς αφήσουμε την ομορφιά αυτού που αγαπάμε να γίνει αυτό που κάνουμε. Υπάρχουν εκατοντάδες τρόποι για να γονατίσεις και να φιλήσεις το χώμα‘‘.
Ευρωπαία προσκυνήτρια στην Κόνυα της Καππαδοκίας. Tην πόλη όπου άφησε την τελευταία του πνοή τον 13ο αιώνα ο μυστικιστής ποιητής του Σουφισμού και ιδρυτής του τάγματος των Μεβλανά, Τζελαλαντίν Ρουμί

 © Maro Kouri
Night life at the Fiesta of 15th August in Elche, Valencia,  Spain
 © Maro Kouri
Konya, Cappadokia, Turkey: ‘‘The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you./ Don‘t go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want./Don‘t go back to sleep‘‘.
Jelaluddin Rumi, Sufi mystic poet./Pilgrims from all over the world dance during the Konya festival in Cappadocia. It is the town where Jalal ad-Din Rumi, the Sufi mystic poet and founder of the Mevlevi Order, died in the 13th century///‘‘Η αύρα το πρωί έχει μυστικά να σου πει./Μην γυρίσεις πλευρό και κοιμηθείς ξανά‘‘. Ευρωπαίοι χορεύουν τον χορό των περιστρεφόμενων δερβίσηδων kάθε Δεκέμβριο στην Κόνυα, την πόλη όπου άφησε την τελευταία του πνοή τον 13ο αιώνα ο μυστικιστικός ποιητής του Σουφισμού και ιδρυτής του τάγματος των Μεβλανά, Τζελαλαντίν Ρουμί. Ο μόνος στο Ισλάμ που δέχτηκε την Γυναίκα να προσεύχεται και να γιορτάζει ισότιμα και μαζί με τον άντρα.

 © Maro Kouri
Me and my daughters during an assignment in Zagorohoria, Epirus, Norhtwest Greece
 © Maro Kouri
Woman carry her baby in the traditional, african style marsipo, on a ferry boat at Lake Victoria, Bukova city, Tanzania
 © Maro Kouri
Purnalik neighborhood of Xanthi, Northeast Greece;Μuslim Pomak women celebrate a tradditional wedding ceremony preparing the bride, and decorate her red dress with money, her hands with henna and cover her face. For three days and nights, women will dance in a narrow street of Purnalik, seperated from men who prepare and dance with the groom in another street (sokak) of Purnalik
 © Maro Kouri
58-years old Om Ilkir Nezi is the mother of the 23-years old martyr Hasin Nezi who jumped from the electricity column on 22, December 2010, demonstrating for the corrupted loans. After the first demonstrations that started in Sidi bou Zid on 17, December 2010, ministers of Ben Ali came and promised loans to the young people. Hasin couldn’t take it…

 © Maro Kouri

Aysa Abashi is praying. Professor of kickboxing and graduate of Drama University, unemployed, she worries about the extreem-muslim parties. If they take authority, on October election, then every Tunisian will be obligated to change complete their life
 © Maro Kouri
Agra, India;A newly-wed girl poses outside the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the modern world, built by the megalomaniac Emperor Shahjahan. Half the women of India marry before they are 15 even though the legal age limit is 18///Άγρα, Ινδία:Νιόπαντρη κοπέλα ποζάρει έξω απο το Ταζ Μαχάλ, ένα από τα 7 μοντέρνα θαύματα της ανθρωπότητας, δημιούργημα του μεγαλομανή αυτοκράτορα Shah Jahan. Οι μισές γυναίκες στην Ινδία παντρεύονται πριν μπουν στα 15, παρότι το νόμιμο όριο είναι τα 18 έτη
 © Maro Kouri
Athens 20, January 2010- Anna Dallas works as a strip-dancer at night. Early in the morning, she travels 100 km to go home, to wake up her 11-years old daughter, to prepare for her the breakfast and take her to school. She is a typical mother during the day, and a succesfull strip-dancer during the night.
 © Maro Kouri
Gelveri, Cappadokia, April 6, 2011; Greek teenager Sofia Iosifidi came from her hometown which is Nea Karvali near the city of Kavala, Greece, to revive her grandmothers‘ customs and dance the folk Greek-Cappadocian music
 © Maro Kouri
Elefsina, 22 km far from Athens, Greece - Roma mother and baby into their shanty which is decorated with an Andy Warhol‘s poster
 © Maro Kouri